Week One

Welcome to Week One of Your Mindfulness Minute!

This week we are exploring how to use technology more mindfully, specifically our cell phones. You may have seen all the articles that have been written telling us that we are addicted to our iphones. Or perhaps that our children are all cellphone addicts. I don’t believe that our dependence on our phones is abnormal or wrong, but I do think that we could all stand to use technology in a more mindful way.

How do you become more mindful about technology?

We learn how to be mindful by being mindful. It’s not a riddle! Each day there is a new challenge for you to try. Don’t worry if you have difficulty with one or more of them. They are deceptively simple. You can watch all of the videos at once but I do suggest watching one each day and applying just that mindfulness skill for one day. You can build upon that skill the next day, or you can do just one at a time if they were especially hard for you. Please feel free to share your experience in the comments here or on any individual Youtube video.

Day 1

Choose an app.

Day 2

Silence those notifications!

Day 3

Don’t multi-task with your phone.

Day 4

Day 5

Mindful Use of Technology

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Your Mindfulness Minute series focusing on using technology more mindfully! Join the discussion, if you would like to share how you did with the challenges please feel free to comment. Do you feel like you are addicted to your iPhone or cell phone? Did these simple tasks help you to use your phone more mindfully?


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